05 Mar Rebuilt D77/78 Traction Motors

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J&L Basic rebuild process includes;

Disassemble motor

Clean all parts

Inspect all metal parts for distortion and wear

Electrical test the armature and field coils

Surge test

Ground test

Core loss test the armature

Dip the Armature and frame in Dolphs #B352 Epoxy or Equivalent & Bake

Test the armature and field coils after Dip

Turn, undercut and polish Commutator

Dynamically Balance armature

All New brushes and seat

All New bearings Please state Brand used

Rebuilt brush holders

Shrink Tube Leads at any suspect damage points that do not require replacement

New seals and gaskets

New hardware

Pinion to be Lapped and Advanced at .085 Minimum. Delta Check

Run test the motor under no load condition.

Check the running vibration on the assembled motor

Paint the motor enamel black

Palletize for shipment as required

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