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I-435 Traction motor blowers rebuilt

Write on Thursday, 17 December 2015 Published in Locomotives for Sale and Lease

-390 alignment control

-Hyatt bearings

-Fuel capacity 3260

-Roof mount Air conditioning

-Electric switch gear

-2) 45 amp standup heaters

-2) strip heater

-Does have exane wire thoughout

-Has dynamics

-Fridge front door removed

-26L air

-Water cooled three cyl air compressor

-16-567-D3 SN 63-B-51R

-Prime mover air box and top deck clean.

-14KW Aux

-D-22-B.T. SN 61k-24 Main Gen

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SW 1200 coming off lease and available for new customer.

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Unit is currently in shop for:

  • Replace 12 power assemblies with rods
  • Replace 12 injectors and 12 test cock assemblies
  • Replace main bearings and con rod bearings
  • Replace oil and oil filters
  • Replace air filters
  • Replace water pumps and damaged water pipe (Y pipe)
  • Replace blowers
  • Replace oil cooler
  • Qualify main generator, aux. gen. and traction motors
  • Replace old floor with new DOT floor and trim
  • Install rebuilt air compressor
  • Install alignment pockets and couplers